Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekly Wrap-up

Good morning!  I am back!  I don't have as much set in the plans this week but I do have some things to get done and write about!

Here is what is on the agenda for this week:
1. I will be doing another Pinterest recipe for dinner, maybe a smoothie, and will be looking for a craft.
2. We had a fun weekend and I will be writing about that soon!
3. P and I are getting to the pool for sure!  Swim lessons were awesome this past weekend and I want to keep up with that momentum!
4. I am hoping to get together with two good friends this week.  Hopefully our schedules work out together :)
5. I am 6 weeks away from the 3 Day and training is slow.  I need to get some milage in this week.  Fingers crossed on my feet!!!


  1. Yah- please post a recipe- I love pinterest and finding new recipes! I am so glad you had a nice weekend!!

    1. I will post the recipe for sure. I think that I will be making it tomorrow or Friday! Check back!


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