Monday, June 18, 2012

My {sort of} Pinterest Creation

So the wreath I have been working on was not technically from Pinterest but it was close to something I have seen there. Here was my inspiration:

I used their hunt about a smal palate if I was using lots of pattern - which I did. Here are my supplies:

I have one 12 inch foam ring and 1foot of ten types of fabrics. It turns out I over bought on fabric but maybe I'll make one for my mom!

The worst was cutting the strips. I will be investing in a rotary cutter if I do this again! I cut each fabric into strips that we're about 1.5-2inches wide and 17inches long.

Here is the first few rounds of tying on the fabric:

Since I worked in stages, I am not sure how many rounds it took, but it was an easy job.

I did trim some of the ends to get them to stick out more. I love the finished product! Here it is on my door!

My next Pinterest interest are some recipes for dinner. What is your favorite idea to pin? Should I be following you?

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