Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pinterest fail

So I went and bought chia seeds in my preparation to make a power smoothie.

Here is the ingredient pile:

Then the final product.

I tried it this morning. The recipe is supposed to sit for minimum of 4hours but can sit in fridge for a couple days. This is so it can thicken and it did. I even added a little more milk to see if I could stomach it. No luck :(

So now I am in the market for recipes involving chia seeds. Any ideas?


  1. if you're interested in a kale/spinach/fruit smoothie, I've got a great recipe on my blog for one. My kiddos each hoover one everyday. And when I want more protein in it, I swap out the yogurt for soft tofu. Found your blog via your guest post on GGK. Am your newest follower:)

    1. Hey! I will definite check things out - recipe and blog! Thanks for visiting!


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