Sunday, June 10, 2012

Week preview

This is my first full week off school but still not really since summer school starts Thursday but I have some time to get a few little things done around the house, some errands run, and some fun stuff to share here! Here are some of the goodies I have planned...

- I want to do a series of posts with a home tour. Several of my bloggers friends have done this and I love it! I want to share too!

- I am considering doing a 10 day cleanse. I am gathering some info on this one. Watch for more to come.
- My guest host post at Growing Up Geeky is coming soon. I will let you know when to watch for it!

- I have 2 pinterest items that I want to do this week. One is a wreath, the other are some smoothies. I will let you know how each goes!
- I am going to try a Stepping out Saturday post. J and I have some fun Saturday plans in the next few weeks, both with and without P, and {again} I want to share.

- J and I are having Christmas way early! We have wanted to get a DSLR and now that P is really getting mobile, we are ready for it. The original plan was for the holidays but we don't want to wait. We haven't officially picked it out but we have it narrowed to two. More to come there too!

Wow, that is more than I thought. Well, plenty to write about is not bad! I hope you all had a great weekend! Any advise on any of my plans?

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