Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sunroofs, dealerships, and loaners, oh my!

So our week ended with this Jaguar in our garage but before anyone thinks we either 1. Have that much to spend on a car or 2. Would ever spend that much on a car, know that this is a loaner.

It all started last weekend when J, P, and I went up to see MIL and FIL for the day. As we were driving, J was talking about how there was a lot of air coming in the sunroof and proceeded to mess with it A LOT. This did not make things better. Keep in mind it was Memorial day weekend so the Land Rover dealer's service was not open until Tuesday. Tuesday was also the first day in over a week that rain was forecasted (of course).

After messing with getting rides to work for DH and getting the car to the dealer, we were left with one car and no news on what was wrong or how long it would take to fix it. We arranged rides for the next couple days and waited for news. By the end of Wednesday, I got a text from J describing the quote on price as "nauseating." Awesome. The price range for fixing the roof ranged from under $100 (yeah, right) to almost $3000 (OMG). J did discussed just sealing it for a lot less if the worst case scenario came true. If it could be worse, we were still not going to know what was wrong or how much we were going to have to pay until Thursday morning at least because they had to consult the glass guys and remove the roof.

So Thursday comes and J gets the good news/bad news call. The good news, the sunroof is fixed and the bill is not too bad (not $75 but way from from the thousands I was imagining). The bad news, they dented the car! The guy described it as a "pretty good dent in the passanger side door." They had it ready to go to the body shop and needed to know if we needed a loaner. Other than the fact that yes, we really need 2 cars for now, this is a Land Rover/Jaguar dealer. J was dreaming and drooling all the way to pick it up. So for about a week, he will be driving an XF. And he can keep dreaming!

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