Friday, June 22, 2012

My Summer Bucket List

So I am officially a few weeks into summer and have been pretty productive, even being off.  I hate to just sit. I want P to have fun, learn, and move this summer.  I set some basic goals for each week in my weekly wrap-up.  This has been great to keep me on track here and at home.

Here are the big goals for my summer:
1. Go to the pool and water park at Kings Island.  I want to be in the sun and I hope that P will love being outside more than her mom!

2. I would really like to work on our budget more.  We do a great job with our money (I think) but I would love to put more in savings and try to start a vacation fund for someday soon.  Any good plans out there?  I still want to use credit cards so no Dave Ramsey for me :)

3. Get out of the house at least 3 days a week with P.  Even if it is just to the gym.

4. Go to the park as much as the heat will allow.  We went swinging last week and she LOVED it!

5. Keep P's nap schedule as close to normal as possible.  I tend to let the day get away from me with playing and other fun stuff, then she gets overtired.  Not fun for anyone!

6. I really want to do something special for our anniversary.  We are going to celebrate this Saturday.  Technically this will be for this and last year but I feel like I shortchanged J last year.  He had a great weekend away - hotel, dinner, stuff to do.  Then i had to go on the dairy and soy free diet.  We still thought we had it worked out, then his grandma passed away.  During the trip I ate 2 meals out and P still reacted.  So I had to go strict, which meant no eating out.  His weekend went out the window.  We have never redone that weekend.  I want to for him and us.  I am sure that I will write more about this one!

7. Do at least one Pinterest or Pinterest inspired meal or craft a week.  Honestly I would like it to be meal and craft but I am afraid that it would get expensive!

8. This one makes me a little sad to type but I do want to do this.  I want to work on my curriculum.  I have a few meeting set with other teachers for one of the classes that I teach but not the other.  That is the one I want to put some time into.

9. Have fun and try to walk ALL 60 miles at the 3 Day.  I only got about 40 in last time due to tendinitis in my feet.  I think it is back so I am easing up on the training to see if I can hold it at bay.  I may have to break down and get into the foot doctor. :(
**If you are curious about the 3 Day, please visit my web site at  Thanks!


  1. This is a great bucket list! I hadn't even thought to put one together.

    But hey! If you do get to make a Pinterest meal or craft this week, link up this Sunday at my Pinterest Party! I host it the first Sunday of every month. I'd love to see what you've made!

    ♥ Bethany

    1. Thanks for the offer to link up! I will look into that for sure!!!


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