Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Home tour - First floor

I love when other people let me peak at their home. It's the reality TV side of me. So here goes mine. This is part one of my home tour. This is most of our first floor, as I am soaring you the powder room and laundry room.

Here is the living room:

This is post Payton play, pre clean up!

This is our dining room:

I have to brag on the painting above the toys. J's BFF's (do guys have BFFs?) mom is a very talented artist and we are blessed to be a mini gallery. Her art is in almost every room of our house. We love it!

This is our kitchen:

I love my kitchen! For the size of our home - it is huge! And very functional. I fell in love with the island when we bought the house almost 10 years ago.

Happy viewing! I hope that you will be back for the next installment of my home tour!

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