Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Blog on Fire

Thank you to the "Scherman Family Four" blog for awarding me the Blog on Fire award! The blog thing is still new to me and I would love to get more followers so I can try some more things. Time will tell how this all goes, but I am glad that Mrs.Monica likes what she sees!

Now the rules for redeeming this award are:

•Write 7 things about yourself
•Pass this award on to 10 other bloggers

About me:
1. I have a passion for my job. I am lucky that I found the ideal place for me - teaching!
2. I am a nerd. I hope I don't look like the classic but I am a nerd through and through!
3. I am super organized but procrastinate. Odd but true!
4. I have a fake tooth.
5. I hate spiders and snakes. My motto is - if it was meant to move on land with more than four legs or less and two, we are not friends!
6. I love pink and all it stands for.
7. Reality TV is my escape!!

Blogs you HAVE TO check out:
1. MODG - this is one of the funniest things I have ever read!
2. MSPI Mama - a God sent to those of us on a restricted diet.
3. Brookie's Baby Bargains - I am newer to this one, but I am loving the new stuff I can learn about!
4. Hoping for a Chance - a fellow TTTCer who is now KU!!
5. End the asshattery already! - another fellow TTTCer with a LO and a fabulous sense of humor!
6. Born in a Barn - another new brand new mom loving the experience!
(I am still new to this blog thing so I only have a few!)

Too much going on

I would have loved to do Milestone Monday and talk about P turning 6 months and starting cereal. I would have loved to post some super cute pictures of these milestones today but the past week has been INSANE!!!

First I found out a good friend of mine is in for a battle with cancer. Then another friend's mom is also battling cancer. Then we lost a student at school. Finally today my mom had a mini stroke. Can this week end now?

BTW - friend's mom's cancer is super treatable. My mom will be okay. They are still running some tests to see what caused it so more info will be coming soon! I will post soon about all the good stuff going on but I need to get through the next couple of days!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Think Pink

P middle name is Hope. There is a special reason for that. My mom is a breast cancer survivor. My SIL is also a survivor. The pink ribbon is very close to my heart. Hope is a key term when thinking about a world without breast cancer. When thinking about P's name a girl middle name was harder for us. The original plan was Ann but we didn't like the way it sounded. After some thought, we agreed on Hope.

Over the weekend I found out that one of my best friends is in for the fight. She has breast cancer. Fittingly, volley 4 a cure was at our school tonight. Most of our girl group was there at one point or another. P and I went. I wore my volley shirt and she wore her pink ribbon top too.

Another friend of mine bought her that top at the Chicago Breast Cancer 3 Day. This is a 60 mile walk that she and I did in 2009 together. She and her daughter did it again this past summer. I was jealous all weekend but she brought me back a great presnt!

P and I are also looking forward to the Race for the Cure next weekend. If it isn't bad weather, we will both be walking with my mom, sisters, and several of my friends. And now, it has even more meaning to me!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Crazy week - ready for Sunday

First, fingers crossed that P sleept through the night completely - I need it! School is really in full swing now. I am heading into grading and planning concurrently and am doing okay balancing it with stuff at home. It is so draining though.

I had posted last weekend about not doing anything but this weekend is not that way. Last night I got some heavy news from one of my friends that I will not go further on to respect her privacy. Today I had my first cross country meet of the season. While it was great to be there, see the students, weather was good - I am one beat mommy! P is down and I am doing my last pump before bed and then I am off to bed. It will be about 10pm and I will be asleep on a Saturday. We are rock stars here!!!

Tomorrow we will need to get all of the regular weekend stuff done, like grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry, etc. And I need to get a new bottle warmer. I bought one on the district swap for cheap and now we can't live without it! Thank goodness Buy Buy Baby is close!

This week we need to work on sitting. I know it is not too big of a deal but it would be fun to have that milestone down. And next weekend - 6 months!! Which means we can start cereal. I need to figure out which one we are going to use! Yeah!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

What a weekend!

Long weekends are always good but this one was special. No good reason. We didn't really go anywhere, didn't really do anything special. But it was great! J let me sleep in on Saturday. P had three great days and two good nights (one bad night, but we can't have it all).

I have to say that J and I make a great team and he is a great dad and husband. He really is getting into fatherhood and is loving it. P knows him well and loves to watch and listen to him. I love how they play and interact with each other.

I am pretty lucky!

Oh and football's back baby!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

It's 4:00am

P was rough on me during the first 3 months of her life. She did not sleep through the night until after she was 3 months old. She did get to a point where she was only getting up once to eat and she did go right back to sleep so it wasn't horrible but it wasn't good either. The STTN came and I couldn't be happier. School was about to start. We were getting her MSPI under control. Things were settling into a routine.

Enter the tooth.

P has been a hand chewer/sucker instead of a paci girl. This is not due to my lack of trying. We have about 5 kinds of pacifiers in the house, none of which she was ever interested in. I came to terms with that. Every time someone saw her chew on her fingers they would say, "she is working on getting a tooth." Mind you, she was 1 month old and people said this. About a week ago I was having trouble calming her for bed so I tried a paci. She took it like she had always taken it! It was bizarre but it worked! I put her to bed and she STTN. Then last week a little tooth sprouted on the bottom. She was a champ!

That night she woke once in the night but the paci worked. The pedi said we could give her some Tylenol to help at night if needed. We did the next night and back to STTN. Now last night, up again - paci majic back to sleep. Tonight well...

I blame myself for enjoying a little extra couch time before bed. P went down at 9ish and I got in bed about 10:30. At midnight paci time. At 2:15, paci. And now I sit with her on my lap with paci again. Boo teeth - I want to sleep!