Monday, May 27, 2013

Weekly update

Happy summer!  Well almost. I have 6 more get ups with kids but then I have a workday (normally really easy but I am moving classrooms), a 2 day assessment workshop, followed by a 2 week STEM class, and I'm right into summer school. It still summer!!

Here is the blog plan for the week:
- wordless Wednesday is set
- I have several Wildtree recipes to share. They are yummy!
- my plans for the summer for me!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Toddler issue - preschool and socializing

I'm back with another toddler dilemma that we will soon be facing.  Both J and I work full time.  Luckily we have a great place for P to be while we are working.  We take her to an in home sitter.  Our sitter only watches a few other kids and luckily, one of the boys is right around P's age.  There is also a boy who is two years older who has been a a great role model.  Unfortunately he will not be returning next year.

We have a potential of a day care/preschool option through my work that would have P starting preschool at the beginning of the school year after she turns 3.  She would be in preschool for a few hours a day, then they have unstructured day care the remainder of the day.  We can do this for 2 years.  The only catch is, this preschool is only available if there are enough kids and my work offers it.

I have always wanted P to get into more structure and around more kids sooner rather than later.  Being an only child and only having a few kids at the sitter is great but also has it's problems.  I really want to get her social skills developed.  Preschool and more traditional daycare would really help with this.

My dilemma is that I am not sure if she needs two years of this or not.  What do you think?  Is two years of preschool necessary?

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up

I am really enjoying writing right now and am excited to say that I have lots of posts outlined, ideas listed, and some pre-writing done.  I am also only about 3 weeks from summer break so I will have lots of time to write!

Here is what will show up this week:
- Another toddler issue coming
- Wordless Wednesday
- A review and giveaway!!!

Friday, May 17, 2013

My Launch

It was good overall.  I had lower attendacne that I had hoped but I got to see how easy it is to put together some of the recipes and try more of the products.  I am going to share some of the products with my coworkers soon.  I am hoping to cultivate even more interest for my freezer meal workshops.

If you are interested in ordering, (and for those in the Cincinnati area) hosting a tasting, or coming to a freezer meal workshop, check out my site here.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Our adventure

This was going to be a wordless Wednesday post but then I figured out that I needed to do some explaining. So, it's Thursday and there are words!

A few weeks back, J had a busy Saturday planned so I made some plans for P and I.  We were supposed to start off our Saturday with a quick grocery trip.  On the drive there, we saw a dog in the middle of a bigger intersection.  I pulled a quick u-turn as the dog was running at the cars.  I was afraid that someone was going to accidentally hit it.  

By the time we got back to the dog, two other people had stopped but neither could take care of the dog.  So, in my car the "big dog" went.
The god was so nice.  He licked P's face and then sat down.  He never growled or barked.  We proceeded to drive around our neighborhood for a good hour before going to a local vet to see if the dog had a microchip.  Luckily he did but it was not registered with the owner.  After a few phone calls and another 45 minutes, we did finally find the owners.  They were very grateful and I was thankful to not have to take the dog to the recuse.

After lunch and naps we did get our shopping in.  Then our date started!  We went to Steak and Shake for dinner.

Then we went shopping a little and had some Yagoot for dessert.

She really loved the ball that we bought.
I hope to have some more dates with my little girl over the summer too!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

TAT: Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!  My weekend was busy and good. It started Thursday when this:
Was delivered to me at school. I love it!

Then on Saturday after my Wildtree party we went to dinner with my mom. It was good, relaxing, and fun. 

Sunday we went to my in laws house. It was just us and them, which was good since P felt a little under the weather after her nap. She clung to me the rest if the evening. We had a good dinner and easy ride home. 

At home, J had P give me this:
I love it!  I'm a little disappointed in myself that we didn't get any pictures but P was not feeling good and I was happy to sit and cuddle. 

Check out other Mother's Day celebrations with Toddle Along Tuesday!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Review and Giveaway - Sambazon

As a Moms Meet Ambassador, I have been lucky enough to try some really great products.  This week I was selected to try Sambazon juices and smoothies.  I went out to my local grocery store and got these to try.

As you can see I have already finished the acai berry juice.  It was YUMMY!  It has a little chocolate flavor to it, so the acai is not over powering like some other juices I have tried.  I am going to take the other two to school as a good afternoon pick me up before I hit the gym.  Nothing too heavy but some boost to keep me going until bed!

I love that they are organic and not expensive.  Many of the bottles are available for $2.99 or less.  You can learn more at their site, facebook, twitter, pinterest, and instagram.

Here is some more information about Sambazon:
Sambazon offers a full range of fresh and organic juices, smoothies, and frozen products in a variety of delicious and exotic flavors.  Their products are made with premium quality whole food Amazon plants and fruits that deliver the highest bio-available nutrition.  This company is truly dedicated to bringing the next level of nutrition to the world while supporting the environmental and social well being of the Brazilian Amazon and its people.  Sambazon is both Organic and Fair Trade certified, supporting two millions acres of the Amazon Rain forest and over 10,000 family farmers.

The best part of being able to try these great juices and smoothies is that I got a gift and get to pass on the same.  Sambazon shard this bowl and spoon set with me and I get to giveaway the same.  One lucky reader will win the same.  

Here is how to win - check out Sambazon's site and tell me in a comment below which juice you would want to try most.  I will pick (at random) a winner to receive three free product vouchers plus a wooden bowl and spoon (total value of $45).    I will pick the winner in one week!  So comment away!!

Disclaimer: I received this product for free from the sponsor of the Moms Meet Program, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer.  As a Moms Meet blogger, I agree to use this product and post my opinion on my blog.  My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group LLC or the manufacturer of the product.

Weekly wrap up

I'm siting at home with a toddler who is under the weather.  I'm hoping to write a few posts for the upcoming busy weeks but here is what is on the agenda for this week:

- my Wildtree launch - details!
- wordless Wednesday - P and I had a date
- Mother's Day!!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Toddler Issues - moving out of the crib

As I mentioned last week, I am writing to get some insight on some of the toddler issues that we will be encountering soon.  I hope you can all shed some light and offer suggestions for us!!

Toddler issue #2 - moving to the big girl bed

P has not been trying to get out of the crib yet.  Fingers crossed that stays for a little while.  We do not plan on moving her until we have to!  We have a convertible crib but we are initially planning on going right to a bed.  We have a twin mattress purchased that we will put on the floor.

We just don't know how to make that transition.  Do we go cold turkey?  Do we nap there and then switch over at night?  Do we put the bed out before the switch?  I have nothing here.  Anything would be great to know!!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

TAT: what P says

I love that my daughter loves to talk. She tells the best, repetitive stories. Here are some of my favorites...
  • Spoon is sperm
  • Fork is firk
  • She likes to watch Mickey on the "big TV"

  • "P do it" means back off mom
  • She like to sit in the cart basket at Target and calls it, "where the foods go"
  • The iPad is "baby" and the laptop is the "puter"

  • And my favorite now is this!
What fun things does your LO say. Link up with Melissa and Toddle Along Tuesday for more toddler speak fun!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekly wrap up

Busy weekend!  We got a lot done and had some good relaxing family time!

Here's my plan for the week:
- TAT looks so cute!
- another toddler time issue to share
- P and I had a little adventure over the weekend that I'd like to share

It's Teacher Appreciation week. Be sure to reach out to an educator you loved!

Friday, May 3, 2013

I'm Heather, and I have a problem

I am addicted to Starbucks.  I love their coffee, lattes, fraps, green tea, you name it.  As cheap as I am, I try to scrounge together money to get something at least once a week.

It's terrible.  I even have my daughter in on the addition.  One of the times that I got a coffee at the grocery store, the barista made her a "drink."  It was a sample cup full of whipped cream.  Now, P asks for "coffee" every time we are at Target or grocery store.

I really had been better around the holidays.  Then the gift cards rolled in.  I have not actually paid for a coffee in months.  I'm officially out of gift cards, so it cash or no drinks.  What will I do???

What have your brought your child into?