Friday, March 30, 2012

My confession

I am wrapping up my spring break. This is one of the great perks of teaching - scheduled time off with P! This is also the kind of time that proves to me that I am so happy to not be a SAHM.

Let me say a few things first - to those that can, want, or need to stay home, this is not in any judgement of you. To those who want but cannot/do not stay home, this is not meant to offend.

I know that the grass typically is greener on the other side but I am lucky enough to have a taste of both, and I like having my time away. There are pros and cons for sure but here is what works for me:

1. I have spent more money this week on food (eating out) than I have in the past three months. I like to get together with friends and coffee, lunch, etc seems easy but it gets expensive. I will say that as of this summer, I will be less likely to do thus since taking P is such a production. Maybe we can meet at the park or go for a walk.

2. I had a list of things around the house that I intended on getting done (kitchen organizing, cleaning out my closet, knitting, napping), and very little of it got done. I feel more motivated when I am on a schedule and don't ave so many random things going on.

3. I think that I need to learn how to teach P more. This seems ironic to me since I am a teacher but I don't know how to start this small. Any good development books?

4. I really do love my job. The schedule, my coworkers, even the students. I could do without the grading (of which I have some to do) but I am lucky to be doing what I love.

I will enjoy this weekend since J will e home with us too. And I will begin the countdown to summer!

Thursday, March 29, 2012


As a part of P's birthday gift, we wanted to get her a wagon. We had planned on waiting until the summer since we wouldn't use it much with cooler temperatures. I guess mother nature forgot about winter and much of spring so it is warm and beautiful here. J has been watching prices and got a steal on the Radio Flyer we wanted.

It came I. The mail yesterday, so here is the assembly:

Look it's here!

That's a lot of pieces for "some" assembly required!

What am I supposed to do?

Now for a ride!

At the beginning

And during!

We think she loved it!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

TAT - baby names

Another fabulous topic from Mama G at Growing Up Geeky for Toddle Along Tuesday - baby names. I love the choices she has for deuce! Here is our baby naming story for P.

We were team green (much to J's dismay) and boys names were harder for us than girls. For the longest time, i.e. since we have been together, I thought that our girl would be named Hailey. Hailey was a name that I loved for a long time and Ann is my middle name. J decided that Hailey Ann, when said very quickly, sounds like "hey alien." I thought that was odd but okay since a full name usually means the child is doing something wrong ad I would be okay with her thinking I was calling her an alien! Needless to say, it was removed from the list when we had to get serious.

We both poured over several baby name books and made lists independently. Then we would compare, veto, and begin the process again. I started to feel a little hopeless. I thought we would head home from the hospital with baby V. I "put my foot down" that we needed a name by the end of February. This was all due to a mix of type A and pregnancy hormones. We went back to our lists and reconsidered any name that the other had thought was a remote possibility.

We agreed on a boys name first - well, a first name. It would be Peyton James or Peyton Jeffrey. The middle name choices were from J and his dad's names. I was okay with deciding on the middle name later. PS I was just okay with this name but J loved it! We had a few girls names that I really liked but J was not sold on. Then I started talking about using Payton for a girl (different spelling). J was not sold but we agreed that it was a strong contender. A few days went by and we revisited the list. We talked about middle names for girls, agreeing that Ann did not go with Payton. I suggested Hope (for the meaning that it has to the breast cancer movement). J liked it with Payton. I LOVED it. Thus her name was born!

Toddle on over to Growing Up Geeky for more name stories!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Milestone Monday

I am done breastfeeding!! Well, for full disclosure, I finished nursing back in January. P was a champ with a bottle. Then she got top and bottom teeth. If you pair that with a super stuffy nose, it means mom gets bit, a lot. So the pump and I became BFFs. I was pumping 3-4 times a day. In March, I was able to cut back to twice a day. Last week, I cut back to once. Friday was the last time I pumped. I have had a little discomfort but nothing major.

I am a little sad it's over but I have so much freedom back with my mornings and evenings - I love that. We are working through my freezer stash (I have a decent amount). I did give her one bottle of WCM today to see how she would react. She drained it like a champ. I am planning on giving her two bottles of BM and one of WCM until the stash is gone.

I am very proud we made to my goal if a year. Even with latch issues early, weigh gain questions, MSPI, diet changes for me, teeth, solids, and life - we made it. I am glad that we worked so well together and I had super support in my life. J was amazing with everything I needed and defending me to anyone who questioned us. FX that P stays the eating champ she has been!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sick Baby

Yesterday when I picked P up from the sitter, she mentioned that P's appetite was not normal. P was quiet in the car the whole way home (not normal). I had gotten her a little earlier than normal, so we did her afternoon bottle at home.

When I put her down to play, she sat there for a few uninterested minutes and then laid down. I picked her up to see what was up and she promptly feel asleep on my shoulder - very odd.

She woke up about an hour later and was really warm. At first I thought I had her in too warm of a blanket but it was just different. I took her temp, first under her arm (about 100), then rectally - 104! Seriously!?!?

I put a call into the pedi and they asked to see her. They told me to give her Tylenol first and then head over. When we got there she was a little perked up but still had a temp of 103.2. They swabbed her for strep. The quick test was negative and no news on the culture (which is good news). No sign of hand and foot, so they said, push fluids and give her Tylenol. No word on anything beyond a virus.

We took her home, dinner was a bust. She ate some Cheerios, yogurt, and drank some. Then played a little, had a bath, downed her bottle, and slept through the night (YEAH).

J is home with her today. He told me that other than her appetite being a little off, she is doing better. She was so pitiful before the Tylenol last night. I secretly wish I would have taken a picture but I resisted. FX this continues to go away!

She's officially a toddler?!?!?

I know that I have written a little of this here and there over the past week with her party and actual birthday but here is the 12 month (ONE YEAR!) rundown:

Age: 12 months or one year - I know that the month versus year vocabulary is odd. I feel like I say out loud one year more but I type 12 months

Stats: On Tuesday at her well check she was 22lbs 3oz (79 percentile) and 29inches (50 percentile). They measured her head but I don't know what is was or where that stands. Honestly I am not sure why it matters to me since she is normal :)

Size (diapers, onesies, etc.): We are solidly in size 3 diapers. We moved to cruisers and LOVE them. They hide her little butt crack better now that she is crawling. She is definitely in 12 month clothes but I have some 18 month stuff that works too. It has been so warm (even hot) that we had to break out her birthday gifts of summer clothes already.

Sleeping: She is still a rock star in this category (BTW, I am knocking on wood as I type this). She gets a solid 11-12 hours. We are still working through one versus two naps. I am still for going for 2 each day for a while longer.

Eating: She is still on BM. I have two more days of pumping left (YEAH!!!) so we are into the freezer stash. I will be assessing it this weekend to see when we can transition to WCM. We are working on more table food. She even ate a few little bits of chicken and meatloaf. We will see how that goes! We have the green light for anything we want to try so here we go!

Milestones: She is crawling ALL over and pulls up to her knees. She loves to look out our front window doing this. The pedi would like to see her on her feet and at least cruising by our next appointment at 15 months. I am not worried about getting that far unless she is ready. She crawled late and it just happened overnight, so I think that walking will be the same thing. She is babbling up a storm! She definitely says tickle, dog, kitty, dada, and no with meaning. She LOVES her kitties and dog. She cuddles them even when they aren't interested!

Favorite toys/activities: She loves her toys of course, but the dog toys are nudging them off the top of the list. She is also really trying to figure out how to unlatch the gate at the bottom of the stairs. I am training officially for the 3 day and she has gone on the walks with me and likes it. I hope that continues when we get her in the jogging stroller too!

I looked at the countdown on my phone (free app) and it is odd to see so many days until her next birthday. I am really looking forward to summer and playing outside, swimming, and hanging out. She has become SO fun! I think she is enjoying me too!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

TAT: Favorite Activity

Linking up again with Mrs. G at Growing Up Geeky for Toddle Along Tuesday.

This week is about favorite activities. Right now and in the recent past, P's favorite thing o do is leave a mess!

In the kitchen:

In the living room:

Or with the dog toys:

The idea is to get out as much as possible and then crawl away!

(sorry this one is a little blurry but she was on the move!)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

A different reason to celebrate

For most people today is St Patrick's Day. I did wear green today but that wasn't the biggest thing on my mind. This beautiful girl is now one! What a ride - challenging, fun, entertaining, and amazing! Here's to many more baby!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Family Friday - 12 hours from now

In just under 12 hours from now, I will be the mom of a one year old! Where has the time gone? To help remember this day, here are my thoughts to my beautiful little P.

My peanut-
What a ride it has been! 12 months ago, I was so ready to meet you and start learning about you. And I am still intrigued by where we will be headed. You have a round fuzzy head that has my stubbornness but a smart little noggin. You watch and learn quickly (much to our excitement and dismay)! Your chunky arms and legs have you on the move. Maybe you'll pull up to your feet soon but I am okay with you being little a while longer.

While you love your toys, you are beginning to explore EVERYTHING! The dog's water and window screens are your newest favorites. You love your dogdog and kitties You love your bath time but hate having your diaper changed. You love to eat but only fruits, veggies, and yogurt. We have tried chicken, ground beef, and cheese to no avail. We'll get there! Tickle was your first word and we are getting more. You are still signing more. I should work on more signs with you!

I live you more than I thought I could. Your dada does too. You give the best hugs and sloppy kisses. Your smile melts our hearts. I am looking forward to spring break and summer to hang with you more. Don't grow too fast - this part is super fun!

I am excited to celebrate this day with you and your dada!

I love you ~
Your mama

Thursday, March 15, 2012

11 things

I've been tagged by Mrs. Monica over at Running Though Parenthood in Heels to complete this 11 things questionnaire that has been passed around the blog-o-sphere lately. I love the tag as I consider myself a newbie in the blogging world but want to get out there more! She and I connected as we struggled through IF together and eventually met up IRL. I am proud to call her my friend and I love hearing about her life and kiddos!

Here are the rules:
1. Post the rules
2. Post a photo of yourself & 11 random things.
3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post.
4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/twitter/facebook and tell them that you've tagged them.

I have shown myself a little in this blog - more of P, so here goes:

So I couldn't get away from her too!

11 Random Facts:
1. I am terrified of needles, spiders, and snakes. Needles almost prevented us from having kids. Seriously. If I heard one more nurse ask what I would do if I ever had kids, it may have been the end.
2. I wish I had a cleaning lady but I know that I would clean up for her.
3. I am obsessed with finding patterns in numbers. P was born via planned c-section and her birth date was intentional due to the prime numbers. It has nothing to do with St Patrick's day. I did think about how I felt about the date the 3 false alarm trips we made to the hospital!
4. I cannot go to bed with a messy kitchen.
5. J and I don't like to vacation for longer than about 5 days. We even thought about moving out flight to come home from our honeymoon early!
6. I love football but I only know a few positions.
7. I have a fake front tooth.
8. I love organizing things but I am a huge procrastinator.
9. I am addicted to silly games on my IPad.
10. I wish I had a better fashion sense. I rare,y bring myself to buy clothes or shoes because I am afraid thy won't look good.
11. I am dreading this warm weather because I cannot stand to wear shorts but I sweat like a man (thanks Dad).

Questions from Mrs. Monica:
1. What's your favorite form of exercise?
Either walking or hot yoga. Walking is a great time fr me to clear my wad and make tough decisions. Hit yoga rocks but I am too cheap and busy to do it as much as I would love!

2. If you could change your career, what is your dream job?
I am one of the lucky ones who s doing her dream job. I also work with great people. I honestly wouldn't change a thing!

3. Do you have a favorite drink at Starbucks?
Can I name more than one? I love their green tea, vanilla lattes, gingerbread lattes, pumpkin spice lattes, and hit chocolate. I am slightly obsessed!

4. What is one piece of advice you want to give other women before they have kids?
Don't rush. I am overjoyed that J and I shared almost 10 years of marriage childless. I love him even more now that he is a father but I am glad that we waited. Ironically I would also add - don't listen to anyone but your spouse. You will know what is best or your LO and your family.

5. Are you on birth control? What form? Why or why not?
Not currently but I will be back on the pill soon and looking forward to getting Essure. I am not on the pill as I am BF. The mini pill, that can cause "break through" bleeding made me bleed all the time (sorry for the tmi). We are doing the Essure because it is permanent and effective. Our family is complete so I am ready for it.

6. Kindle, Nook, Ipad, paper book or another option?
I don't read much but I have read more on my iPad in te past 9 months than in the 9 years prior.

7. Do you buy organic? If you do, what products? If you don't, why not?
I try but not as much as I would like. Almost everything for P is organic and I buy organic for the dirty dozen in produce.

8. Who is your movie star crush now? Who was it when you were growing up?
Now - George Clooney. I <3 him - he is yummy! In middle school, I was more into music personalities like NKOTB. Jon was my dream BF.

9. Toilet paper roll, from the top or the bottom?
Top. It is the only correct way!

10. Why did you start blogging? Does it serve the same purpose now?
I wanted to diary my feelings, P's life, and how the 2 go together. I think it s going okay. I am getting into a routine with it so I think that it is!

11. I could not live without ________ because ______.
J. He is my everything. I think I have been lucky, blessed, and worked hard for much of what I have. He is the best thing that happened to me and I work to keep our love as an example for P every day. I hope that we can look back and know that any day was not as good as the one before. He is my best friend, love, partner, and P's dad a little girl could ask for!

My questions for you:
1. Describe your perfect weekend day/night.
2. Pants or a skirt?
3. Painted nails - do you keep them up?
4. Describe the person who has influenced your work life the most.
5. Would you rather have 100% chance of winning one million dollars or a 50/50 chance of winning a billion?
6. Tell me about your favorite meal.
7. What food do you hate?
8. How do you take your coffee?
9. Ice cream - in a cup, cake cone, or sugar cone?
10. What is your favorite feature of yourself?
11. If you could change your name, would you and explain why or why not.

Here are my tags:
Heather at Our girls keep us moving
Luisa at It must be (so) ... Liberating
Tayshelton at Growing baby shelton
Amber at Born in a barn


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Party time!!

Even though it is not official yet, we did celebrate P's birthday thus past Sunday with our families. I have not uploaded every picture but I wanted to give you a taste of what we had.

It was a noon lunch with cupcakes for dessert. She loved hers (once I got her to taste it)!

She was showered with clothes for the warmer months - mama's favorite gifts. But she did get a few new toys.

Yep, it's an abacus. Would you expect anything less than that from a math teacher!?!?

TAT - food for P

I am linking up with Mama G at Growing Up Geeky for Toddle Along Tuesday. This week's topic is recipes for our little ones.

P loves her purees! I have been a little crazy about making all of her food but I have loved it. I even bought a yogurt maker! The two best resources that I have are and my cook book.

This book does keep things basic but for a LO and new mom struggling with some intolerances, it is heaven. We have made almost everything in it! P loves her fruits and veggies! I will be browsing the other responses on how I can get her to eat meat and/or cheese!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Family Friday

I am going to use this post to talk about my fabulous work family. I have been blessed to be ble to do what my passion is - teach. And beyond that, I am teaching at a great school with a fabulous staff.

My favorite part of my work family are my girl friends. There are 10 of us - now all moms, wives, sisters, and teachers. We are ironically a diverse group but enough in common to be best friends. Tonight we will be getting together for a Ta-Ta party. One of the girls was diagnosed with breast cancer this past September. She will be having surgery in the coming months to begin the wrap-up to her treatment. We will be having pink and boob themed food. I am bring laded po-Ta-Ta dip!

I am really excited today because our girls basketball team has made it to the elite eight in the state basketball tournament. I have been keeping their book for a few years. They are a great group of girls and have even better coaches (one coach is one of my girls). We play a tough team tomorrow. Win or lose, it has been a fantastic season!

I have fun everyday at work be ause of the teachers in my hall. I teach at a large (3000+ at the high school alone) school so it is easy to be disconnected from everyone. Even though I still feel thus at times, the teachers in my pod are funny and caring. We laugh between every bell!

Oh and spring break is right around the corner!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

TAT - is she going to be like us?

P is a great kid. As we approach her first birthday, her personality is showing more and more but there are still parts that remain to be seen. We know that she has some of our best and some of the traits that I hope we can tame. We know that she likes to watch, especially people. She loves animals and is kind to them. P loves to play and laugh (the best sound ever). She loves to eat, like her mommy. Unfortunately, she is showing she has a temper. She likes what she likes when she likes it. This she comes by naturally but I hope things calm in this area.

The parts of her I wonder about include: will she be girly, be into sports, be a homebody, like to swim? I hope she loves to read and learn, cares for her friends and family, enjoys the little things, and ends up doing what she loves. I wish her the best in everything she wants to be a part of!