Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Celebrating a little early!

Starting with our one year anniversary, J and I have gone downtown Cincy and stayed at a nicer hotel, gone out to a great dinner, and enjoyed breakfast in our room.  It is nothing big but it is our way of celebrating every year.  This year we did it a little early as we have friends getting married on our actual anniversary in July.

This was P's first overnight without us.  She stayed with my parents and did great!  My dad had to be talked down by my mom on letting her whine a little at night but they all survived!

Although the hotels have changed, we have stuck with the same GREAT restaurant - Jeff Ruby's.  We stumbled upon it year 1 and have gone back every since.  It is way above our normal dining experience.  Super fancy but not too pretencious, white glove service but very friendly wait staff.  We actually had the same server for about 5 years in a row.  He then moved on to something else and we are searching for the next great waiter!

Jeff Ruby's is known for its steaks.  They have a dish called the Cowboy - J's favorite!  Here he is begridgingly enjoying his steak for a picture!
Here is the delicious meal that I had!  I almost always get the speical - they are RARELY less tempting than the rest of the menu!

They surprised us with a complimentary dessert since we were there for a celebration!  It was YUMMY!!!!

I can't even begin to express how lucky I am to be in the relationship that I am in.  J takes such good care of me and P.  We really love and like each other.  We can do this fancy night and have a wonderful time but we also like to cuddle up on the couch and watch bad TV.
PS - it was really great to get back to P in the morning though.  She lit up when we came in my parents house to pick her up!  <3

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