Thursday, June 28, 2012

Poor me

I am not looking for pity, well maybe a little.  I have had a bad week and it followed such a great weekend, it seems even worse.

I am training for the Breast Cancer 3 Day.  Check out more information here:  This is my second 3 day.  It is an amazing experience!  The first 3 day I participated in, I OVER trained.  Big time!  As a result, I ended up with tendonitis in my feet and was unable to complete all 60 miles in Chicago.  This time I was determined to not over train and take good care of my feet.  I feel like I have done both, but they are starting to get sore.  The longest walk I have done is 12 miles.  That may sound crazy long, but remember I am looking to walk about 20 miles a day for 3 days.  I talked with the woman that I will be walking with in Cleveland and we agreed that I will train what I can and save my feet for the walk.  I can do anything for 3 days and I will deal with the pain after.  It is nothing compared to going through breast cancer.

On top of that, I woke up on Tuesday to a somewhat sore neck.  I figured I just slept wrong but still called my chiropractor.  She is fantastic but is on vacation until today.  Of course, my neck has gotten more stiff and uncomfortable.  I have a call into her to get fixed up today.  Fingers crossed that a little work from her today and probably next week, unties the knots in my neck and back!

Okay, complaining over.  I am alive, enjoying summer, and looking forward to a great July!

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