Saturday, October 27, 2012

Work out up date

I made a small mistake in getting back into working out. I told my "trainer" (AKA my athletic friend writing my workouts) that the first one wasn't too hard. This next round was apparently devised to kill me!
I'm not sure why it keeps going sideways
I did the first round of this Thursday and I am still SO SORE. I plan on going back tomorrow but I have a ton of school work. I am really trying to get in 3 days a week with at least one rest day in between. I did that for the past 4 weeks except I missed one Sunday when my cold was killing the house.

I feel a little stronger and my cardio is coming back. The running was hard but I managed 5 minutes of jogging with 5 minutes of very fast walking followed by 5 minutes of jogging. The crunches kill me too. Surprisingly the lunges and squats, which seemed the easiest in the workout are the parts that made me the most sore.

I still haven't weighed myself and (not surprisingly) my clothes fit the same. I feel good about taking time for myself and getting it done. We will see what day new of this workout does to me!!

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