Friday, October 26, 2012

19 months

I am terribly late with this update. Bad mom!  Here goes!

Age: 19 months

Sizes: Still size 4 diapers.  Overnights have been fine - yeah! Strangely as we have moved into pants we have had to go back to some 18 month clothes. They seem to fit better. Kids clothes are just as oddly sized as adults I guess!

Sleeping: She is doing well here. We have had a rough week with a cold and eye teeth coming in! It's the perfect storm!

Eating: Still great here.  She really loves fruit most and has gone away from veggies a little but still ears plenty. We have gone bottle free!  Milk intake has gone down but our pedi is okay with around 12oz a day plus yogurt. I think we're doing okay. 

Favorites: as I have talked before, she LOVES her doll and Minnie. They go everywhere with us!  She is very cute with them.   She loves playing peek a boo - around corners, under a blanket, with my iPad, everywhere!  I love it!

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