Tuesday, October 16, 2012

TAT: our wedding day

Toddle Along Tuesday is back!  This week's topic is all about  weddings!  I am excited about sharing with everyone, but when I started to get this post together, I realized that I don't have very many photos from our wedding digitally.  Needless to say, sorry for the qualityof the pictures because I went old school and took pictures of pictures!

Our wedding was on a beautiful Saturday in July - 7/14/01 to be exact!  That was a long time ago!  I loved everything about the day.  We had a relaxing morning getting ready.  We did have a small delay before the ceremony due to traffic that held up family getting there, but no worries for us.  Jeff said he napped and the girls and I made up cheers!

Now for the photos!

Our announcement picture!  I LOVED my flowers - simple but perfect!

One of the best moments of the day - being with my dad and seeing J for the first time!

We look so young in this shot to me!

All my girls!  I wish the blue of their dresses came across better in pictures!

Our guys!

It was a great day.  No regrets on any choices except not having a video.  My memories are fantastic though!  How about your day?

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  1. I was graduating High School in 2001!

    I do wish I could've gotten my hair done better. It was so bad I went home and stuck it in the sink and did it myself. And the weather. It rained and we had planned for an outdoor ceremony. =) Still a wonderful wedding.


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