Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weekly wrap-up

Hello!  I have a stack of grading in front of me but I am happy to say the cleaning, laundry, and meal prep is already done for the week (except the shower, that needs cleaning). This week will be a long and short week for me. We have Friday off school for a fall break {happy dance}! I also have 2 cross country meets and parent teacher conferences. This means 2 late nights and a early, busy Saturday. 

I have some good things planned for the blog world this month, but for this week, here is the plan:
- TAT of course
- Wordless Wednesday will be super cute!
- update on my working out. I'm hoping to make this a link up opportunity for my readers!

Happy fall everyone!


  1. Is it ok if I say 'I hate you' for having your cleaning, laundry and meal planning done for the week? Just kidding... but I SOOO wish I could say the same!!! Good job!

    1. Too too bad my school wasn't done for the week but I got the other stuff in. Something goes down the tubes each time :(


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