Monday, October 1, 2012

TAT: toy love

Like Melissa, at Growing Up Geeky, we are starting on P's's Christmas list and trying to bide time without buying any new toys. Here are her favorites right now. 

Books!  P loves to "read" and I can't stop her. Our favorite are Sandra Boynton but I am eying a few Baby Eisteins for her Christmas list.
Tunny!  Or tunnel, if you are an adult!  She loves to crawl in, carry around, and sit in this one. Big hit in this house!
Blocks and duplos!  You would think these are for building but not in our house. P loves to dump the bag and refill. The repeat. I love seeing her try to lug the bag to the living room. I do help her!
Go go! This was a hand me down but it is a hit. She is loving being outside and this gives her something to keep her out of the mulch.


  1. Our daughter's birthday is 2 weeks before Christmas, so it's been since last December that she's really gotten any 'new' toys - so we're also trying to bide our time without buying her new stuff now, but she's grown out of everything from last year, almost!

  2. Reagan is in love with blocks! She pulls hers out at least twice a day if we are playing at home!

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