Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekly wrap-up

OMG - school is overwhelming me!  I had hoped to steal 2 hours at school this weekend to catch up a little but everything else took my time. It was a good weekend. My school had homecoming. We always go to the game. P made it til halftime. Luckily staff is allowed to stand on the track so she had a good area to run around. Saturday we had tumbling class, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, and I chaperoned the dance. Sunday was a mash of cleaning, laundry, cooking for the week, my niece's birthday dinner, and some playing.

I was able to get some extra work in early this morning but I am paying for it now. I will be better this week about getting my to do list for the blog done. I have some exciting stuff coming up this month!  I am guest posting and doing another fun giveaway. Stayed tuned for more on that!

Here is the agenda for this week:
- TAT looks fun!
- Wordless Wednesday is a good one this week!
- I will write about getting back to the gym and the not so funny event last week that will keep me there.

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