Sunday, October 28, 2012

Weekly wrap up

I cannot believe that the endif October is here!  Where has time gone!?!?  I am very excited fir the next few months - this is my favorite time if year. Holidays, football, jeans, cuddling, basketball at school, and (hopefully) snow days!  I will be writing about almost allot that at some point!

Here us the plan for this week:
- TAT looks like it will be a huge recourse for me!
- I have finished my latest craft and I can't wait t share it with you
- wordless Wednesday will be Halloween themed but won't be truly wordless because I'm going to include some pumpkin patch shots
- I'm still hoping to share my guest post with you

Stayed turned - I will be hosting another giveaway soon!  Thanks to guise who participated in my Sweet December giveaway!  The winner has been announced and notified!

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