Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weekly wrap up

Sorry for the small delay in my posting. We had a very rough weekend here. P and I got home from work on Friday to find one of our cats had passed. It was rough with what to do with P while I got Piglet checked on. Of course it was almost closing time for our vet's office but the did get me in contact with a super pet cemetery. Between their pick up service and my mom coming over with no notice, we got through it. J had a really tough time with it because Piglet was his first pet. We are hoping he isn't suffer much and know this is for the better.

In better terms, here is my plan for this week:
- my next give away starts tomorrow!
- TAT will be back again
- I will be updating my work outs, maybe with a new one
- P turned 19 months, I need an update!

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