Wednesday, March 7, 2012

TAT - is she going to be like us?

P is a great kid. As we approach her first birthday, her personality is showing more and more but there are still parts that remain to be seen. We know that she has some of our best and some of the traits that I hope we can tame. We know that she likes to watch, especially people. She loves animals and is kind to them. P loves to play and laugh (the best sound ever). She loves to eat, like her mommy. Unfortunately, she is showing she has a temper. She likes what she likes when she likes it. This she comes by naturally but I hope things calm in this area.

The parts of her I wonder about include: will she be girly, be into sports, be a homebody, like to swim? I hope she loves to read and learn, cares for her friends and family, enjoys the little things, and ends up doing what she loves. I wish her the best in everything she wants to be a part of!

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