Tuesday, March 27, 2012

TAT - baby names

Another fabulous topic from Mama G at Growing Up Geeky for Toddle Along Tuesday - baby names. I love the choices she has for deuce! Here is our baby naming story for P.

We were team green (much to J's dismay) and boys names were harder for us than girls. For the longest time, i.e. since we have been together, I thought that our girl would be named Hailey. Hailey was a name that I loved for a long time and Ann is my middle name. J decided that Hailey Ann, when said very quickly, sounds like "hey alien." I thought that was odd but okay since a full name usually means the child is doing something wrong ad I would be okay with her thinking I was calling her an alien! Needless to say, it was removed from the list when we had to get serious.

We both poured over several baby name books and made lists independently. Then we would compare, veto, and begin the process again. I started to feel a little hopeless. I thought we would head home from the hospital with baby V. I "put my foot down" that we needed a name by the end of February. This was all due to a mix of type A and pregnancy hormones. We went back to our lists and reconsidered any name that the other had thought was a remote possibility.

We agreed on a boys name first - well, a first name. It would be Peyton James or Peyton Jeffrey. The middle name choices were from J and his dad's names. I was okay with deciding on the middle name later. PS I was just okay with this name but J loved it! We had a few girls names that I really liked but J was not sold on. Then I started talking about using Payton for a girl (different spelling). J was not sold but we agreed that it was a strong contender. A few days went by and we revisited the list. We talked about middle names for girls, agreeing that Ann did not go with Payton. I suggested Hope (for the meaning that it has to the breast cancer movement). J liked it with Payton. I LOVED it. Thus her name was born!

Toddle on over to Growing Up Geeky for more name stories!

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