Monday, March 26, 2012

Milestone Monday

I am done breastfeeding!! Well, for full disclosure, I finished nursing back in January. P was a champ with a bottle. Then she got top and bottom teeth. If you pair that with a super stuffy nose, it means mom gets bit, a lot. So the pump and I became BFFs. I was pumping 3-4 times a day. In March, I was able to cut back to twice a day. Last week, I cut back to once. Friday was the last time I pumped. I have had a little discomfort but nothing major.

I am a little sad it's over but I have so much freedom back with my mornings and evenings - I love that. We are working through my freezer stash (I have a decent amount). I did give her one bottle of WCM today to see how she would react. She drained it like a champ. I am planning on giving her two bottles of BM and one of WCM until the stash is gone.

I am very proud we made to my goal if a year. Even with latch issues early, weigh gain questions, MSPI, diet changes for me, teeth, solids, and life - we made it. I am glad that we worked so well together and I had super support in my life. J was amazing with everything I needed and defending me to anyone who questioned us. FX that P stays the eating champ she has been!

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