Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Help - advice needed

So I have been working like a mad woman in the past week but I promise to be better at blogging once the trimester wraps! And my mom has been in the hospital with back issues. And even though I have been trying to finish this list for a week, it will get up today!

I am struggling with a few small decisions that I thought I had made but I need some more thoughts to really make my choices concrete. Share what you think!

1. What to serve for lunch at P's bday party? We have planned to do sandwiches - meat tray, cheese, toppings, buns, you do the work. The party is thus Sunday so we may be set on the sandwiches but what about sides? Appetizers?

2. Food/milk - I am weaning off the pump soon (yeah!) and have a good freezer stash for the month at least. I will be waiting until her one year check to make the transition to WCM but it will be soon. My bigger issue is with food. I think we have a vegetarian on our hands. P will not have anything to do with meat or much new really. She loves all fruits and vegetables, beans are good, and yogurt is yummy. Cheese, chicken (even in a purée, against my better judgement), ground beef, and gnocchi have been fails. Any suggestions? We will continue to try!

3. Kitchen reorganize - hopefully this will be the big project over my spring break. I am (sadly) excited about this. I have a whole pinterest board devoted to it. Any suggestions that are out there, I am looking for plenty of ideas!

4. Joining a gym. I am doing the Susan G Komen 3 day thus summer. It is a 60 mile walk over the course of 3 days. It is a great experience (I did Chicago in 2009). I need to start training soon! Unfortunately, I can't walk in any weather with P. I will have some treadmill training n my future. Do I join the Y again since they ave a great pool and possibly programs for P or the community center that is cheaper but smaller and less convenient in the summer?

Decisions, decisions! Help a girl out!

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