Friday, March 9, 2012

Family Friday

I am going to use this post to talk about my fabulous work family. I have been blessed to be ble to do what my passion is - teach. And beyond that, I am teaching at a great school with a fabulous staff.

My favorite part of my work family are my girl friends. There are 10 of us - now all moms, wives, sisters, and teachers. We are ironically a diverse group but enough in common to be best friends. Tonight we will be getting together for a Ta-Ta party. One of the girls was diagnosed with breast cancer this past September. She will be having surgery in the coming months to begin the wrap-up to her treatment. We will be having pink and boob themed food. I am bring laded po-Ta-Ta dip!

I am really excited today because our girls basketball team has made it to the elite eight in the state basketball tournament. I have been keeping their book for a few years. They are a great group of girls and have even better coaches (one coach is one of my girls). We play a tough team tomorrow. Win or lose, it has been a fantastic season!

I have fun everyday at work be ause of the teachers in my hall. I teach at a large (3000+ at the high school alone) school so it is easy to be disconnected from everyone. Even though I still feel thus at times, the teachers in my pod are funny and caring. We laugh between every bell!

Oh and spring break is right around the corner!

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