Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sick Baby

Yesterday when I picked P up from the sitter, she mentioned that P's appetite was not normal. P was quiet in the car the whole way home (not normal). I had gotten her a little earlier than normal, so we did her afternoon bottle at home.

When I put her down to play, she sat there for a few uninterested minutes and then laid down. I picked her up to see what was up and she promptly feel asleep on my shoulder - very odd.

She woke up about an hour later and was really warm. At first I thought I had her in too warm of a blanket but it was just different. I took her temp, first under her arm (about 100), then rectally - 104! Seriously!?!?

I put a call into the pedi and they asked to see her. They told me to give her Tylenol first and then head over. When we got there she was a little perked up but still had a temp of 103.2. They swabbed her for strep. The quick test was negative and no news on the culture (which is good news). No sign of hand and foot, so they said, push fluids and give her Tylenol. No word on anything beyond a virus.

We took her home, dinner was a bust. She ate some Cheerios, yogurt, and drank some. Then played a little, had a bath, downed her bottle, and slept through the night (YEAH).

J is home with her today. He told me that other than her appetite being a little off, she is doing better. She was so pitiful before the Tylenol last night. I secretly wish I would have taken a picture but I resisted. FX this continues to go away!

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