Friday, March 16, 2012

Family Friday - 12 hours from now

In just under 12 hours from now, I will be the mom of a one year old! Where has the time gone? To help remember this day, here are my thoughts to my beautiful little P.

My peanut-
What a ride it has been! 12 months ago, I was so ready to meet you and start learning about you. And I am still intrigued by where we will be headed. You have a round fuzzy head that has my stubbornness but a smart little noggin. You watch and learn quickly (much to our excitement and dismay)! Your chunky arms and legs have you on the move. Maybe you'll pull up to your feet soon but I am okay with you being little a while longer.

While you love your toys, you are beginning to explore EVERYTHING! The dog's water and window screens are your newest favorites. You love your dogdog and kitties You love your bath time but hate having your diaper changed. You love to eat but only fruits, veggies, and yogurt. We have tried chicken, ground beef, and cheese to no avail. We'll get there! Tickle was your first word and we are getting more. You are still signing more. I should work on more signs with you!

I live you more than I thought I could. Your dada does too. You give the best hugs and sloppy kisses. Your smile melts our hearts. I am looking forward to spring break and summer to hang with you more. Don't grow too fast - this part is super fun!

I am excited to celebrate this day with you and your dada!

I love you ~
Your mama


  1. awe! Happy Bday P! Lets get our 1 year olds together to "play" soon.


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