Thursday, March 22, 2012

She's officially a toddler?!?!?

I know that I have written a little of this here and there over the past week with her party and actual birthday but here is the 12 month (ONE YEAR!) rundown:

Age: 12 months or one year - I know that the month versus year vocabulary is odd. I feel like I say out loud one year more but I type 12 months

Stats: On Tuesday at her well check she was 22lbs 3oz (79 percentile) and 29inches (50 percentile). They measured her head but I don't know what is was or where that stands. Honestly I am not sure why it matters to me since she is normal :)

Size (diapers, onesies, etc.): We are solidly in size 3 diapers. We moved to cruisers and LOVE them. They hide her little butt crack better now that she is crawling. She is definitely in 12 month clothes but I have some 18 month stuff that works too. It has been so warm (even hot) that we had to break out her birthday gifts of summer clothes already.

Sleeping: She is still a rock star in this category (BTW, I am knocking on wood as I type this). She gets a solid 11-12 hours. We are still working through one versus two naps. I am still for going for 2 each day for a while longer.

Eating: She is still on BM. I have two more days of pumping left (YEAH!!!) so we are into the freezer stash. I will be assessing it this weekend to see when we can transition to WCM. We are working on more table food. She even ate a few little bits of chicken and meatloaf. We will see how that goes! We have the green light for anything we want to try so here we go!

Milestones: She is crawling ALL over and pulls up to her knees. She loves to look out our front window doing this. The pedi would like to see her on her feet and at least cruising by our next appointment at 15 months. I am not worried about getting that far unless she is ready. She crawled late and it just happened overnight, so I think that walking will be the same thing. She is babbling up a storm! She definitely says tickle, dog, kitty, dada, and no with meaning. She LOVES her kitties and dog. She cuddles them even when they aren't interested!

Favorite toys/activities: She loves her toys of course, but the dog toys are nudging them off the top of the list. She is also really trying to figure out how to unlatch the gate at the bottom of the stairs. I am training officially for the 3 day and she has gone on the walks with me and likes it. I hope that continues when we get her in the jogging stroller too!

I looked at the countdown on my phone (free app) and it is odd to see so many days until her next birthday. I am really looking forward to summer and playing outside, swimming, and hanging out. She has become SO fun! I think she is enjoying me too!

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