Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekly wrap-up

Hey! This past week was light and 2 of my to do list items didn't get done. I have an excuse for one but not te other.

I have wanted to do a steppin out Saturday post for a few weeks but J and I just don't take enough pictures. Especially of ourselves. I was hoping the camera would help but it hasn't. I will try more.

The one that I have an excuse for is the next installment of the home tour. My plan was to do our bedroom and bath but we bought new bedding. It got here Friday so that will be done this week - promise!

So here is the plan for this week!
1. I am doing the next home tour post. Really!

2. I will be working on the Pinterest Christmas gifts.

3. My first giveaway is up! Check it out!

4. I will be writing a little more about the 3 day.

5. I have more ingredients coming for some DIY cleaners. I am unusually excited about making them!

That's the plan folks!

Now, any hints on how to get more pictures of me and J?

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