Thursday, July 19, 2012

16 month update

16 months - I cannot believe it!  A lot has happened this month so here is the rundown!

Age: 16 months

Stats: No official check here but my guess is we are hovering just under 25 pounds.  I feel like she is getting taller every day!

Sizes: We are solidly in size 4 diapers. I am debating looking into the toddler overnight diapers as she has been VERY full most mornings and little damp some mornings.  Clothes are solid 18 month but she does have some 24 month items, which run a little big.

Sleeping: She is a champ in the area.  She is getting better about going down without crying too much.  I am not sure how to stop this one :(  Napping is good - the length is hit or miss but we get a solid 2 hours a day.  Once summer school is over (soon), I will be working on a more solid routine to get ready for the sitter!

Eating: I feel like I am in rut for her - she eats a lot of the same things everyday.  But she is a rock star with eating most things.  She LOVES mangoes, bananas, mac and cheese, and carrots.  She is still not a huge fan of eggs, cheese, or peanut butter.  Man would I love to give her a PB&J!  We are still on the bottle.  I am okay with it, but I have no idea how to get her off.  I am terrified that she will not drink as much milk and with the lack of cheese in her diet...  We will see!

Milestones: We have a walker!!!  On July 4th she really started toddling on her own and now we are in full walker mode.  She will still crawl every once in a while but more walking than crawling at this point.  She even has tried to do a somersault!  I am glad that we have a baby gates because the stairs are a hit too!  Her gross motor skills amaze me!
Language is growing too.  Her vocabulary includes: mama, mom (yes my one year old calls me mom), dada, daddy, hi, hey (she shocked the ladies at the gym with this one), dog, bark, woof, kitty (sounds more like titty), meow, nose, nana (banana), down, up, go, no, tickle, belly, two, three, and ball.
She can correctly identify her hair, eyes, nose, mouth, tongue, teeth, ears, and belly.  She knows the sounds that dogs and cats make.
I want to start working on her fine motor skills more.  She can sort of use a fork and spoon - she can get the food into her mouth, but she does not know how to get the food on the utensil.  I want to color and finger paint with her soon too!

Favorites: She is still loving her push walker, the dog, and chasing me around.  Swim lessons wrapped up beautifully.  We will definitely get her into the next class once she is old enough.  Pool time has been a little limited with my schedule and the oppressive heat.  We still have summer left though!
She is really into stacking and putting things in and out of containers.  She loves that she can get into our plastic ware and pull the lids on and off.

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  1. She and Gemma are the same age:) I find it so funny/interesting how different she is already from her big brother. Timmy was a late walker, early talker...Gemma was the total opposite. She's my meat and dairy lover (although still nursing 3xday) while Timmy is my fruit & veggie kid. Yours is a cutie pie, and I love her 4th of July outfit!


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