Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pinterest recipe - enchiladas

I am totally addicted. I have made several crafts and many recipes. Most good too! So here goes another...

Here is the original recipe that pinned:

So I gathered the ingredients. This is the rotisserie chicken already shredded.

I loaded and rolled the tortillas. I decided to split the recipe into 2 baking dishes so we can have one tonight and I will freeze the other.

I made the sauce, poured over, topped with cheese, and the are ready to cook!

They were delicious. J was skeptical of the corn, but the sweetness was great. We both only ate one so this recipe will get us 4 meals!  Amazing! I forgot to take a picture but they looked great too.

I am linking up my deliciousness with Ginger Snap Crafts for Wow Me Wednesday. Check out more wonderful homemade goodies there!

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