Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Breast Cancer 3 Day

The Breast Cancer 3 Day is a nutshell is a fundraiser for Susan G Komen. Participants, like me, walk a total of 60 miles over the course of 3 days. And it is amazing!

I am going to be walking in Cleveland for my second 3 Day. This s a cause close to my heart as my mom and SIL are both long time survivors. More recently, a dear friend of mine was diagnosed and she is wrapping up her treatment this summer.

The longer version is this. You arrive in one of 15 cities for an emotional and motivating opening ceremony. It reminds everyone that, although 60 miles is tough, it is no comparison to enduring Breat cancer. That is why we walk. To move closer to a cure, earlier detection, and ultimately an end to this horrible disease. Each day you travel about 20 mikes per da with fantastic cheering stations, rest stops, and lunch to a camping area each night. On the final day, your destination is closing ceremony. It is an uplifting send off for the work that as been done.

Before you arrive to the city you are walking in you have 2 big responsibilities. One is to raise money. There is a minimum. I was blessed to have great community support both in 2009 and this year, so fundraising was shockingly easy! In today's economy, I can't thank everyone enough!

The other responsibility is to prepare yourself. They offer several suggestions for training programs. I tried the 24 week program the first time I walked and ended up with serious tendinitis in my feet. It was awful! This time, I definitely monitored my feet but am having trouble finding the time with P and the hot weather. I hope tha I am prepared!

Interested? Check out my site to support me, read more, get involved, or just head out to cheer!

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