Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend wrap-up

I have been MIA for a few days because J and I had a out of town wedding to attend this past weekend. He read in the wedding so we had to head up Friday for the rehearsal too. This would have been totally normal and nice, especially since we stayed with J's parents. And they took P while we went to the wedding and reception kid-free!

It started Thursday when I noticed that my car was running a little funny. I had a dinner date with 2 neighbors (super fun time) so I took J's car and he was going to put air in my tires when I got home, later than expected. At 10:30 we realized that I had a bolt in my tire and shouldn't drive it much the net day - other than to the mechanic. We scrambled and got a ride together for J since I now needed to pack his car and fix mine. As soon as I got home from class, P and I headed to get my tire patched. Done, and cheaply, then we had a few errands before naps. We got it done and were on our way just in time.

We enjoyed the rehearsal with P and had a good dinner on our own at J's parents. Saturday, we all went to Stride Rite to get P's first shoes! Very exciting! The wedding was beautiful! It was great to see old friends and relax!

We got home Sunday and got our weekly chores done and relaxed as a family. I forgot the most important part of the weekend! J and I celebrated our 11th anniversary on Saturday! We joked that our friends threw us a big party :). It was a little surreal to be at a wedding on our anniversary but I liked it!

My blog plan for the week includes:
1. Pinterest recipe!
2. TAT link up
3. Some thoughts on Christmas (yes I know it's July)
4. A play date at the pool
5. A winner for my first Giveaway!!!

Thanks for reading!

PS I have gotten many more followers, so thanks for joining! I plan to do another giveaway when. Get to 30 followers! Tell your friends!

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