Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Family Friday

School is back in session and things are going well. P is adjusting to day care - our sitter rocks which makes it easy on all invovled. She has had a couple nights where she got up in the night to eat but she is napping, playing, and being generally good. She is eating like a champ. I am staying ahead too!

J is adjusting too. He is getting up with me and taking P before work. I love him for that. I think that dropping P off would be hard. I get the easy job of pick up. He also does a lot in the evening by bathing and feeding P before bed. We have a great balance going and I don't appreciate him for that enough.

I am doing well. I have really learned to multi-task a lot. The only time I haven't is while I pump at school. I have been playing on my IPad. I should try to do a little school work but games are so much easier ;). Being a working mom is hard but I love my job!!! I just wish I could do what I do and get more sleep. If anyone figures that one out - let me know!!!!

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