Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Milestone Monday (yes it's a day late)

P started her life as a "not so good" sleeper in many people's eyes. She would get up a few times a night in her first month-ish. The twice a night, follow by once a night for a long time. It was not too bad once we hit the once a night feeding because she always went right back down and she napped okay. When EVERYONE asked how she was sleeping, because they do, I would tell them. The I would say, "I am just hoping to have a regular schedule by August."

I guess P has been listening because in the past couple weeks she has begun sleeping through the night!!! She gets a bottle at about 8:00 each night and then the bedtime routine begins. It consists of: diaper change, swaddle, book, and I rock her. She sleeps in her room, in her crib. Since she has slept through the night she has been getting up between 5:00 and 6:00. This may sound early but I have 3 positives.

1. Once I go back to school, this is not a bad time for her to get up.
2. 6 hours is STTN for a baby and she is going at least 7.
3. On the weekends, she does go back to sleep for at least another hour.

I know we have some things to work on still - losing the swaddle, putting herself to sleep, but I have to embrace the progress we have!! I am getting 6-7 hours of sleep at a time!!!

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