Sunday, August 14, 2011

I love Big Brother

I have a confession to make. I LOVE reality TV. Those who know me, know that this. I use TV as an escape mostly. I don't want to necessarily learn and I don't like sci-fi. Enter reality TV.

It all started with Survivor. I watched it in the beginning but then all the other networks jumped in. I don't watch it all, but I watch a lot of them. I did not start watching Big Brother from the beginning but I did get into it early. It is a goofy game but I love to watch it. My husband complains but watches it with me (note: this is just about the only reality show he does watch with me).

So now with NFL and 60 Minutes (always shown in its entirety boo), I sometimes get the DVR messed up in watching it. Most of the time we catch it - like today. The PGA (seriously, golf ran over) messed it up so we reset the DVR in case we didn't get to it tonight. Well we did. It cut off right before we saw the second nominee. Argh! I will not ruin anyone who DVRed and have not watched but I will let you know that the info can be found online. I feel a little better, even though I did not get to hear the commentary from everyone that they show at the end. I guess I will see it Wednesday. Who will win the veto? Will it be used? We will see :)

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