Sunday, September 4, 2011

It's 4:00am

P was rough on me during the first 3 months of her life. She did not sleep through the night until after she was 3 months old. She did get to a point where she was only getting up once to eat and she did go right back to sleep so it wasn't horrible but it wasn't good either. The STTN came and I couldn't be happier. School was about to start. We were getting her MSPI under control. Things were settling into a routine.

Enter the tooth.

P has been a hand chewer/sucker instead of a paci girl. This is not due to my lack of trying. We have about 5 kinds of pacifiers in the house, none of which she was ever interested in. I came to terms with that. Every time someone saw her chew on her fingers they would say, "she is working on getting a tooth." Mind you, she was 1 month old and people said this. About a week ago I was having trouble calming her for bed so I tried a paci. She took it like she had always taken it! It was bizarre but it worked! I put her to bed and she STTN. Then last week a little tooth sprouted on the bottom. She was a champ!

That night she woke once in the night but the paci worked. The pedi said we could give her some Tylenol to help at night if needed. We did the next night and back to STTN. Now last night, up again - paci majic back to sleep. Tonight well...

I blame myself for enjoying a little extra couch time before bed. P went down at 9ish and I got in bed about 10:30. At midnight paci time. At 2:15, paci. And now I sit with her on my lap with paci again. Boo teeth - I want to sleep!

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