Thursday, August 4, 2011

My first try...

I read a lot of my friends blogs and several other blogs for ideas and inspiration. It is a great way to connect with others, share big moments, and gather help. And so this begins for me! I hope to inspire, share, and inquire! Please comment as you can so I know how I'm doing!

Since it's Thursday so here's my "Thankful Thursday" thought!

Today I am thankful for my friend Amy, her daughter, and several hundred other men and women who are headed for Chicago this weekend to participate in the Breast Cancer 3 Day. This is a 60 mile walk over 3 days that raises money for Susan G Komen. Each individual has to raise $2400 and the training is time consuming. Think marathon training but at a walking pace. There are 14 others (held in various cities) but Chicago is special to me.

I have a few friend who have also completed a 3 Day and, like blogging, I am a follower of all things cool so I wanted to do one too. Honestly it is mainly because my mom and sister-in-law are survivors and since the day of my mom's diagnosis it has been a cause close to my heart. We even gave P the middle name Hope because of that. So I approached some of my friends with the details and Amy was in.

Thank goodness for her for being with me AND her camping equipment/experience. Why? Because after you walk 20+ miles in a day, you want to sleep on the ground! This was the part of the 3 Day I was most concerned about. Not the training, fund raising, travel, food. Nope the camping! My motto has always been, "someone did not invent a bed for me to sleep on the ground!" The camping turned out to be a little fun - not enough to do it regularly - but bearable.

Amy and I walked Chicago in 2009. This is an amazing experience! I hope to do another sometime - at least one. But today - and the whole weekend - Amy and Miranda will really be on my mind!!!


This is Amy and I at the end of the 3 Day!


This is us in our tent. I am not a camper so I needed photographic proof that I actually did it.

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