Monday, February 13, 2012

Look at my new....

Furnace :/

This is a good and bad thing all at the same time. We are getting a new furnace today. It will be great because we are also getting a new humidifier and air cleaner so the quality of air in our house will be better and we should see some savings in our monthly gas bills since the furnace is a high efficiency. But no one wants to spend money on a furnace.

It's not fun to show off or talk about but necessary. I'll let you know how much better things are next week!


  1. It’s also the price of the equipment and the installation that held me back from buying our furnace today. But upon closer look, I realized how much returns I would get, and that’s what I’m getting now. It actually had the potential to exceed the initial amount I paid for it. I was told not to get too caught up with buying the most expensive furnace. Evaluate my situation instead. How’s was the furnace doing for you? :)

    - Jamaal Milner

  2. A furnace is a good investment. We never had second thoughts on buying a furnace considering the benefits. Anyway, it’s been months already, how’s everything now?

    -Mechteld Abelli

  3. You’re right, Mechteld. It’s good to invest in a highly functional and reliable furnace. But before you buy a new one, be sure to weigh your options first. Decide if it will serve a good purpose for you and your home. Additionally, choose the type of furnace that will best suit your budget and needs.

    Darryl Iorio


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