Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sorry I've been gone

Another busy week! Things are winding down with basketball. We are in the last week of regular season and other than the games we host for the tourney, I will be down to only 2 games per week. I am sad for the season to be ending though - we have a great bunch of girls.

Just as an update, I am going to be purchasing Photoshop to design and sell cards and invites. I caught the bug when a friend of mine helped me put together P's bday invites. I had looked around Etsy (a great place to shop for practically everything) but couldn't find exactly what I wanted for a reasonable cost (not just the invites but including the banners, thank yous, and decor). I really love what we came up with - so I will be leaning first then looking to sell!

In food news, I am getting milk back. I started with regular bread. No issues, so I started with a little cheese. No issues. Now I am using regular milk in my cereal and am going to have yogurt - I have really missed yogurt! I am also looking forward to giving P yogurt and cheese too! My stomach has been a little more bubbly but not too bad.

I have been reading my regular blogs - I know I haven't been commenting but I am here. And will be around more in the days to come!

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