Monday, February 20, 2012

Milestone Monday

I had a rough weekend. Friday I came home from work (and Yagoot with friends) tired. But this asnt normal end of the week, I'm ready for the weekend tired. I was exhausted. I lulled out P's toys, a blanket and pillow for me, and laid down while she played around me. J came home and I even asked him to feed her dinner so I could lay down. At this point I thought that the past few months of school, P, basketball, holidays, life, etc had just caught up to me. J was a dream and took P for the evening. I pumped and basically went to bed at 8:30.

The next thing I know, it is past midnight and I am up and headed for the bathroom. I got sick but was able to go back to bed. Saturday was a lot if sleeping. J again rocked the house and managed P all day. We were supposed to have had a date night so my parents had her for a part of the evening too.I ate a little on Saturday but didn't drink enough By Sunday morning I was getting back to normal - thankfully. The grocery store trip wore me out so that was the extent of our day.

I survived my first sick parent weekend. FX P doesn't get this!

In good milestones:
-P is officially a crawler. J got the first show last Wednesday when I was out with the girls. She has been getting more brave about venturing around. Fun and scary all at the same time!
- We have graduated P to the convertible car seats. I think she may still have another pound to go but that carrier is heavy. Tomorrow will be the first day in the new seats. Wish us luck!

Here is one of the 11 month shots that I promised in my last post:

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