Friday, February 17, 2012

Seriously - 11 months!!!

I have been talking about P's birthday party for a while now and things are moving along with that, but I think that it now hitting me that she will be 1 year old soon! Like a month soon! Holy cow! Here are the details:

Age: 11 month :O

Stats: She is getting close to 22lbs. We are watching relatively closely since that will be the number where we will move car seats (already purchased)!

Size (diapers, onesies, etc.): We are solidly in size 3 diapers and 12 month clothes. She does have a few 9 month items that fit and some 18 month pants that are oddly small. I am hoping that we can stay here size wise until the warm weather (really warm, not this crap winter) comes.

Sleeping: This is going well at night. She gets a solid 11 hours. Naps are another story. Some days two good one hour plus naps. Some days one good 2 hour nap. Other days, well, who knows. I think that she will be a one nap a day girl soon.

Eating: Still BF. Well, pumping mostly. I nurse her a few times each weekend but during the week it works better to just pump. I am SOOOOOO excited to be finished in 29 days (but who's counting).
Solid food is going well too. She has gobble up everything we have tried. She is still mainly on purees, but I have started to make them chunkier. The big milestone here is I am back on a totally NORMAL diet! Yeah! P has even had yogurt. She was not a fan the first two times we tried but is on board now. Since I have been making all her other food, I am considering a yogurt cooker. Any thoughts here would be great!

Milestones: We finally have a crawler! Literally this past Wednesday, I went out with my girlfriends and she crawled for J. She has been rolling with intent for a while but he got real, all four crawling.
We are starting to work on identifying things, like her nose (which she puts a finger in instead of on, but she knows where it is) and I would like to do more signs. We will get there!

Favorite toys/activities: She loves her toys, especially if she can pull things in and out. Favorites are her picnic basket and purse. I have always amused her by putting things on my head, she now mimics me. She also loves her blanket. The fuzzier the better!
Bath time with daddy is a BLAST! She loves to splash and have water poured on her head!

I will add her pictures soon but we have to take them. To be honest that probably won't be until tomorrow but I will get them up.

The big 1 - here we come!!!

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  1. I love reading this post because we both have kids at the exact same point. That is awesome that you are still bf:) The babies are almost 1!


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