Friday, February 10, 2012

Good and Bad today

Here are the things running through my head now (when I should be grading so I can enjoy my weekend):

- I have a fabulous life. I love my husband and he loves me. P is great and healthy! I love my job and I have great friends and family around me.
- I am back into full dairy. I am really looking forward to some good pizza!
- I am going to Yagoot with a friend soon! (Today if the weather holds)
- I ordered P's bday invites today! Let the real planning begin!
- Fundraising for the 3 Day is incredible!!!

- I have a crap ton of grading to do.
- It is starting to snow and I want to go to Yagoot and need to go to the grocery (with P).
- P has a bad diaper rash and super stuffy nose. I am hoping they are both due to teething but we will see!
- It is supposed to snow starting soon and go overnight. It is not a weekend AND I have basketball tomorrow that I was hoping J and P would be able to come to. Boo bad weather on the weekends!

Overall, the bad isn't so bad and the good is great. I can't wait to write about my plans for P's party. I have been obsessing!

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