Monday, December 5, 2011

Milestone Monday and catch-up

It's been a little while sine I posted and it's Monday so I am combining my posts today!

First, milestone Monday - I ate a steak with a teriyaki marinade yesterday. FX that P continues to do well with reintroducing soy. I have successfully brought back soybean oil and lecithin. Enough that I had Chipolte too. Yum - eating out! Other than Wendy's chili, this is the first food I have eaten out since July!

Here are the other goings on in my life:

Basketball is back in season. I have always worked a lot of games, either running the clock or keeping the book. Last year, I joined our varsity and junior varsity teams as their full time book keeper. I even travel with them. Having P put my season into a little question but J rocks and has helped me keep this going. I did give up doing the freshmen games but I kept the important part to me.

The playroom ideas are running wild in my head! I am pumped to work on organizing it. I think that J will want it to happen sooner than later as soon as all the toys roll in from Christmas. Ikea - here I come!

I have been mentally playing with the idea of opening an Etsy shop. It would be a hodge podge of crafts. Some knitted items, some printed items, some paper crafts, and other goodies. I am really nervous about this. I think that I really need to organize myself and build some stock first, then try.

My friend and I have started our first 3 Day fundraiser by Wrapping for a Cure. We were able to set up a gift wrap station at a local open air mall. We have not had much traffic so we are trying to see if there are other locations or ways we can utilize the materials we have collected. I am bummed that this wasn't as good as we hoped but my mind is churning with some other ideas.

On a fabulous note, due to basketball and the wrapping J and P have been hanging at home without me a few hours each weekend day. She is really taking a liking to her dada. Since she had started becoming a real mama's girl, screaming when I left the room, even with J there, this is a great thing for all of us.

I think that sums almost everything. Oh, I am almost done Christmas shopping too. Thank goodness!

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