Sunday, December 18, 2011

9 months!

Wow time flies! We are in that last "chunk" of year 1 and I can't believe it! Here are her stats:

Age: 9 months

Stats: we will know officially tomorrow but two weeks ago she was 19lb 15 oz. I a, sure we have tipped 20lbs but I am hoping to squeeze a little longer out of the infant seat. It goes up to 22lbs. I am very curious to find out her height. I feel like she is stretching out big time!

Size (clothes, diapers, etc): we are still in size 3 diapers. I think and hope we will be here for a while as we have our next couple shipments from Amazon mom coming in the next couple weeks. Clothes we are solidly in 9 months but things are getting tight on length. We asked Santa to bring us 12 month clothes so we will be ready.

Sleeping: STTN on a regular basis (as I type this at 2:00am). Naps are a little light but still 2-3 a day.

Milestones: sitting is a piece of cake. She can sign more and clap. We are working on waving. Food wise, I am back on soy! Next up milk. I will be talking to the pedi tomorrow about how that will go. Lots of sounds like ma, da, ba, go. She likes to hug and say ahh at the same time and it is soooo cute!

Favorites: Anything she can clap together, especially the rings from the stacking toy. Sophie is still high on the list. She loves to chew on her toothbrush (odd but it works) and teething rings. We got her My Pal Violet and the Zaney Zoo activity cube for Christmas and they have both been a hit!

Looking forward to: More solid food, dairy for mom, more talking, maybe crawling. Most of all Christmas! It will be a whirlwind weekend but I think she will love the paper and toys. I will love the new clothes and time with family. We are doing some professional pics later this week too but in the meantime...

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