Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A great weekend

Christmas was good to us once again. Although Payton's first wasn't white, I am okay with that. We headed up to J's parents on Christmas eve. It was just the five of us for dinner and presents. MIL and FIL went to church and we put P down. I was in bed at 10:30 myself, worried that P would keep everyone up. She didn't! J and I got up before her!

We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast. Then packed the car for the 45 minute drive home. She slept and we talked - about her of course. After unloading, we were off for Christmas with my family. We plowed through a lot of presents in about 2 hours. We let the 4 and 5 year-olds set the pace. After a whirlwind of paper and the dads loading the cars. We were able to sit down to dinner.

Back home We unloaded and got P to bed. Then we organized the piles so we could manage it a little better. We went through what needed to go back so I could start that process on Monday. Then we fell into bed!

Monday I was in my glory. First a few kidless hours (thanks J) to get some returns done and get wrapping paper for next year. Then the organizing began. P's and our closets are in much better shape, the toys are semi contained, and several kitchen cabinets are cleaned up. I have so e bins to buy to finish up the toys. We need to repair a cabinet shelf to wrap up the kitchen. But we have control of our house back!

It was a great weekend and will be a good week. I have some returns still to do and cleaning to take care of but I am home and J has a short work week. We are planning a quiet night at home for new year's but I will be around here with the good and the bad of what we have from this past year and what we have planned for this coming year!

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