Monday, April 15, 2013

Torn over technology

I love my iPad.  It is a great way to stay connected, stay organized, and unplug.  It is ironic to me that I think of it as a way to unplug.

Once P started getting into playing with more advanced toys, J and I said that we were going to keep her away from the iPad and our phones.  She started with looking at pictures and videos of herself that I had taken.  The iPad was officially named "Baby" because of the pictures of the baby.  Then I discovered some great learning apps.  There are several Fisher Price apps that are great!  She loves the Minnie bow maker (it's not too educational but she loves her Minnie)!

Then came YouTube!

She discovered videos of babies.  Dancing babies and funny babies are her favorite.  I am embarrassed to say that I have used YouTube to allow me to get dinner cooked, papers graded, and wind down for a little while.

Add in Netflix. We were recommended this by another friend because they have a kids channel that is a little more controlled than YouTube. I am glad about that but, be warned, one episode runs into the next. So it could go on for a while!

I am now torn. I feel guilty that I started it, but she does learn some things are she is going.  I do not allow her to have it non stop, but I am not exactly sure where the line is.  I guess we will live and learn!

What technology does your LO use?  How do you limit it?

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