Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fisher Price Bubble Mower, AKA Gubbles

Last summer, I had a bottle of bubbles that I would blow for P to watch and chase.  We accidentally left it outside all winter on the patio table.  Every once in a while, P would see it and call out, "More gubbles!"  I promised her that I would get more when the weather got nicer.

Fast forward to her birthday present from her sitter - The Fisher Price Bubble Mower.  It is the perfect combo.  Outside, bubbles, and activity.  P loves it!  It did take her a few goes to see how the bubbles would work but then she was off!

Fisher Price Bubble Mower

I love it because it is the perfect size - for her and storing.  The bubbles that come with the mower last but I can also refill and keep it going.  I have been a fan of Fisher Price for a while (we have a few other items from them).  This really will be fun for this summer and even into the fall!  I also love that it did not cost a lot.  Check it out here!

Check out P playing with the mower here!  She has played with it every day since it hasn't rained!

PS - I just wanted to start talking more specifically about some of the products that I buy and love.  This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own.

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