Tuesday, April 23, 2013

TAT - my typical workday

I know I already wrote today, but this is a great topic. This week Melissa is back to work and shared her new schedule with us for Toddle Along Tuesday.

So here is my schedule:
5:09 (yes, that specific): alarm goes off, I hit snooze

5:15: alarm gets off again. I get up (or hit it one more time).  Get face and hair ready. Turn on Keurig, feed dog, feed self, pack lunch, check FB. 

6:10: back upstairs to get dressed, brush teeth, put on jewelry. Get coffee and water for work. 

6:30: on the road to work.

7:00-3:00 teach, grade, plan, copy, etc. 

3:15: get the P. 

3:45: run errands, go to gym or head home. Play (inside or out) until J gets home. 

6:00: finish up dinner prep and eat. 

7:30: bedtime routine for P. j gives her a bath while I shower. I put her down while he showers. 

8:15: grading, TV, iPad time, relaxing. (After reading some blogs, I may have to add wine to this part of my day). 

10:00 (but usually closer to 11:00): bedtime. 


  1. Haha. Sometimes wine is the most important time of the day ;]

    1. I love my coffee for sure, but I also love wine!!!


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