Monday, April 29, 2013

Toodler Issues - potty training

P is becoming a little girl.  It is crazy to think that just over 2 years ago she joined us and we were battling with every choice - and we have done what works best for us so far.  Now, as we get into toddler hood, I am starting to think about some of the new issues that we are going to deal with.  I am going to write about some of them here.  I am hoping for some feedback - opinions welcome.  I will update you as we go along and what we do, and ultimately how is goes!

Issue #1 - Potty training
I don't think that P is ready yet, but I honestly don't know what to watch for.  She has started telling me when she has pooped but not before.  I am hoping that we can get a shot at it this summer but I am not pushing anything.

I think once I am out of school and my workshops are over, I may go purchase a potty.  We can read about it and sit on it.  Then see what happens.

I am looking for recommendations on potty seats and books for her that would be good.  I will say that I would have loved to do a potty cover so she could use the regular toilet but that will not work for the sitter.  Any thoughts that you all can help me with?

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